Windgap Bike Hire

Windgap Bike Hire

Bike Hire

In Windgap Bikes can be hired from Lakeside Shop and Tea Rooms.

Phone Number: 051 626944

1. Windgap Lamogue Loop (16.3 km. 63 mins cycling. Up: 207m. Down: 212m)

Knockroe Passage Tomb, Ahenny High Crosses, Tullahought loop walk and viewing tower, Lamogue Ogham Stones.






Marvel at the skills of the Neolithic builders who created Knockroe’s world-famous passage tomb with such precision that the sun still illuminates the inner chamber on Winter Solstice.

Nestling on the slopes of Carrigadoon Hill and overlooking the Lingaun Valley, Ahenny is the celebrated site of the early Christian Kilclispeen Monastery and home to two of the oldest and most celebrated Ossory High Crosses as well as a number of megalithic tombs.

Then visit the picturesque Tullahought, frequently honoured in the annual Tidy Towns awards, and take in the panoramic views from its Viewing.

The Lamogue Ogham Stones, dated between 400-900 AD, can be discovered in a graveyard that is enclosed by a very fine stone wall and sits in the middle of a large field.

2. Windgap High Crosses Loop (21.5 km. Approx 105 mins cycling. Rise and fall: 330m.)

Knockroe Passage Tomb, Ahenny High Crosses, Lingaun Valley, Killamery High Cross






Explore the Christian and pre-Christian occupancy of the valley, the industrial heritage of the Slate Quarries and the architecture of Ahenny village.

Visit Killamery Graveyard to view the spectacular 9th Century Killamery Cross, with its ornate carvings of marigolds, snakes, dragons and Biblical figures and its inscribed dedication to Máel Sechnaill, High King of Ireland from 846-862.

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