Activity Trails

Activity Trails

Get outdoors and enjoy the stunning Kilkenny countryside. Scenic walks that are varied; through woodland, over pastoral lands and along country laneways. The Nore Valley Walk taking you along the river valley, rich with flora and fauna and the heritage of Kilkenny’s past. Cycling trails that travel through some of Kilkenny’s most picturesque villages and inspiring scenery. Trail Kilkenny Outdoor Recreation aims to highlight the many experienced outdoor activity providers in County Kilkenny.

Walking Trails

Trail Kilkenny offers a range of Scenic Walks throughout the county. Each has its own character and the terrain will suit different fitness levels.

Cycling Trails

Take your bike on tour and explore the Kilkenny countryside on one of the 4 cycle loops signposted through the county. Explore some of the most historic and culturally significant towns in the area.

Outdoor Kilkenny

Find all the outdoor adventures Kilkenny has to offer!

"Trail Kilkenny has been developing these leisurely routes since 2007. Whether you fancy quiet walks that end curled up with a particularly good cup of tea, or exerting hikes that culminate in breathtaking mountain-top views, there are dozens of combinations, allowing you to pick and mix from an impressively vast array of pit stops based on your mood and appetite.”
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