New Audio Points

Discover our New Audio Points!

Attention Trail Walkers: Discover our New Audio Points on Your Next Adventure!

Trail Kilkenny, is proud to announce a new inclusive Trail initiative that incorporates  the installation of forty four audio points along fourteen of the Kilkenny’s walking trails. These audio points, which can be accessed via phone, QR code or NFC chip and will make the trail experience inclusive to the blind, those with learning difficulties or anyone that would like more information of the local area.


For too long, those with visual impairments have been unable to fully enjoy the beauty of the Irish countryside. Trail Kilkenny is taking a small but important step towards improving accessibility for all by installing Trail Kilkenny’s first audio points. The audio points have been thoughtfully placed along the trail, from the banks of the River Nore, the open farmland of Kilmacoliver and Gathabawn, to the top of Kilkenny’s highest peak: Brandon Hill. The recordings contain three minutes of detailed information on local history, flora and fauna, environment, and landscape.


Kilkenny Rural Recreation Officer, Harry Everard stated, "We are thrilled to launch these audio points. Our hope is that this is just the beginning of improving accessibility and inclusivity in our outdoor spaces. We believe that everyone should have the chance to engage and experience the trails."


The audio work was researched and professionally recorded by Abarta Heritage in Clonmel in consultation with the National Council for the Blind of Ireland (NCBI), ensuring that the recordings are edited to suit the visually impaired or any who might have learning difficulties. The signage was designed and installed by Signiatec, Ballyhale and installed by the local communities.  Funding for this project was made possible by Trail Kilkenny and Kilkenny LEADER Partnership, through the LEADER Program.


This initiative is a small step but an important start towards improving accessibility and inclusivity in the Irish countryside. Trail Kilkenny invites everyone to come out and experience the trails with this new technology, as they engage with and enjoy the natural beauty of Kilkenny.

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